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light rainfall. embarcadero around san francisco. third street getting moderate rain. if you are traveling this is going to be rough one. down to san jose area, not much showing up. here look at the next storm. it's a very large circulation and it's going to spell potential trouble. rain is still pretty steady across the north bay, heaviest gets in at 4:00 a.m. oranges and yellows indicating the north bay gets clobbered with rain. it becomes more intense and widespread at 6 a.m. 10:00 a.m. the front is still going through. strong gusty winds and noontime it finally starts to wind down, but only for storm number three to arrive. rainfall totals look significant. i'll be back with a look at those plus a look at all the advisories and watches that are going up. >> dan: the storms will be adding some already impressive rainfall totals for the bay area. santa rosa has recorded more
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than 7 inches of rain. that is 101% of normal. san francisco doing well, with four and a half inches of rain. san jose is lag ago bit behind at 1.6 inches. let's head outside to laura anthony to see how people in petaluma are getting ready. >> it's raining very lightly here at the moment. as the next cells move into the area, there are plenty of nervous people especially those who have seen high water here before. carol patterson is looking through clippings from the big flood of 1982 the one that washed through the leisure lake mobile home park. they manage the park and they hope that history doesn't repeat itself. >> if we have a high tide, rains
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like ten inches or more and high tide and it goes over the berm and pumpkin patch and we have a problem. >> thanks to some improvements over the years they are confident the park won't flood but it could become an island. that is why they have stocked up on blankets and back-up pump and generateders if needed. its laugh against the clock and weather in petaluma. a business that has flooded twice in eight years. >> it all starts to pour in like a pool and goes under the doors and mud comes through and floors are covered, sometimes a few inches and sometimes a couple feet. >> with two more wet systems poised to move in over the next three days, they are not taking any chances. with a forklift, sandbags and
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plastic sheeting they are hoping this time they can keep all their high-tech equipment high and dry. close to them, bay bridge garage is hoping to avoid flooding when water made it inside their building back in 1988. poet illuminate river can overflow with heavy rains at high tide. >> once the water comes over the ledge and starts to seep into the office, gets under the doors then we'll have a problem. >> reporter: it's raining here lightly but the real heavy downpours aren't expected until overnight, early morning hours. the concern is high tide combined with the downpours, first high tide is just about one-third in the morning. they are not concerned about that one but it's the next one, 11:30 in the morning. that is what they are nervous about. at this business they will stay
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here all night. >> dan: thank you. residents and business owners in menlo park are bagging sand in a couple locations to get ready for more flooding. you are need your own shovel and you have to pack the bags itself. the sand is piled at alma and burgess and polk street and laurel avenue. >> homeowners in san francisco are concerned about large older trees that could be threatened in a storm. they are also worried about the damage to property or works that can happen what big tree like this one comes down. this came down in the bernal heights neighborhood. they have been at odds how to deal with ailing trees. >> dan: tonight people living in two trouble spots on the peninsula are watching for slides, daly city and pacifica. pacifica residents don't want a
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repeated of 2010 when rain washed 60 feet of hillside and two apartment buildings were condemned. so far, so good. >> i haven't seen any advanced erosion since we were here two years ago. we made it through two winters. >> work crews are waiting for clear skies to get shore up a hillside. a water main broke a loose and let 40,000 gallons of water washed out 5,000 cubic feet of soil. >> cameras serve as an early warning system. david louie has the story from east palo alto. >> reporter: it looks tame now but residents who live along or near the creek know what it can done after a major storm. this is video from 1998 when the creek poured over the banks and
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flooded homes in menlo park and palo alto. network of remote web cams provide an early warning system. that is comfort to some of the victims. >> at least an early warning system warns the neighborhood if we do have to evacuate. >> a joint powers authority hopes to expand the system. >> when a rainfalls and upper watershed, it takes at least an hour for it to get down to this location. we will have some warning if there a huge rain event in the foothills. but we wanted to know what is happening right here. >> santa clara valley water district uses the web cams. >> it's more cost-effective than traveling there during a storm but it's not going to prevent a major flooding issue, over banks of the creeks.
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>> that is why they are working to work on plans, they are spending $40 million to improve the creek's ability to drain storm flow in the bay. >> we'll be building flood walls between the bay and highway 101. we'll be modifying bridges. there are four bridges in addition to the four bridges across the creek, highway 101 will be rebuilt over the creek. that is caltrans project. >> it will take two years or longer for some of these projects to be completed. here is look outside now from our san francisco camera on the water mark building. you can see how heavy traffic is on the upper deck of the bay bridge right now. these are cars heading into san francisco. it is packed and slow going and the rain is just getting underway. california emergency management agency says this stormy weather reminds us to get ready for
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rainy season. we are encouraged to have emergency kids including battery operated radios and flashlights, three-day supply of water and food and manual can opener. guidelines for stocking your kit and developing a plan are posted on our website at >> dan: police are searching for a man who forced his way into an apartment in palo alto early today. investigators believe he intended to rape the woman in her 20s. she woke up to find him standing over her bed. the woman managed to scare him off and call 911. >> she was unbelievably scared and he grabbed on her and made a command. she fought her way out of the situation. >> the woman hurt her wrist in the struggle. intruder broke into a lock and chained front door. investigators are retracing the victim's steps if he targeted her. they are also conducting house to house inquiries.
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it follows a series of gropings in the same area over the past few months. >> developing news in mountain view where two 17-year-old boys and 23-year-old man are accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. investigators say though were all drinking when the three guys assaulted the young teenage girl. all three are from sunnyvale and no word where the victim lives. >> carolyn: violent crime rate continues to climb in oak, two city council members are pushing hard to put more officers back on the street. nick smith has more. >> this east oakland resident did not want to show his face. he like so many others live in fear. >> there have been 12 shootings and three or four killings right here in my neighborhood. [ siren ] >> we were there for the
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aftermath of least two of them. on september 25th, 38 rounds are fire in the middle of the day causing residents to take cover behind cars and bushes. we were back less than two weeks later to find police investigating a midday homicide that left more shell casings on the ground. >> we are looking at unbelievable crime rates. it's horrendous what people are facing right now. >> city council members are spearheading an effort to get the chief the help he needs. normally they would have to wait until july to change the city budgeted but they say there is nothing normal about the situation or the growing violence in oakland. >> we need to start the ball rolling, to get every police officer that we are capable of hiring trained and hired. >> this is what they want. the council members are asking to prepare a police academy next
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year. they wanted to hire 20 police officers and if they agree to help with crime suppression they want an option to renew the agreement after 90 days. >> the chief and mayor applaud this move. they say that immediate action is needed. there are currently 620 sworn officers in oakland and 50 cadets scheduled to graduate. >> dan: coming up next, new revelations into the chowchilla kidnapping case from one of kidnapers. >> any comments? >> no comment there but fred worth says plenty at his parole hearing including details never heard before. >> the feds decide whether a north bay oyster farm will stay open or close for good. >> social media let's people raise money for almost any goal.
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>> dan: right now, oakland police are doing a block by block search along the 3400 block of international boulevard trying to find her. she was last seen on oakland on tuesday night. she lives in the fred finch youth center which is home to children with development issues
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but they want to get her back safe and sound. >> apollo hearing is giving us new details. we're talking about chowchilla kidnapping. >> 26 children and their driver were buried alive. parole board denied release for one of the kidnappers. >> dan noyes was the only reporter there. >> fred wood said greed drove them but the parole board he hasn't dealt with the issue behind bars. prime example, they looked to 60 cars buying dozens at sale. he a rich man now with family money in a trust fund. they could not remember a longer hearing. after seven hours at the men's colony they refused to release 61-year-old fred wood.
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commissioners found that he continues to minimize his crimes despite therapy after 36 years in prison. he downplayed the school children felt after they hijacked the bus and loaded them into vans. >> some of the victims today remember certain facts about the crime and harm to them than what really happen. >> he said he saw none of kids crying and some were singing during the ordeal. she remembers it differently. she was ten years old. >> no one was singing. we were holding on to each other we asked for our mommy and daddy shut up in there, they said.
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be quiet. >> they drove the kids and bus driver to a query that woods' father owned and locked them in a buried moving van. six hours later they were able to dig themselves out. >> you stated and i wrote it down with quotations, we went into this crime not thinking there would be violence. the crime involved abduction involved with guns and burying children in a box. that sounds like violence to me. >> he revealed new details. three kidnappers to plan the crime for a year and a half before deciding on chowchilla, they staked out school buses in several areas. they tried to hijack the same bus a day before but the timing didn't work so they returned the following day. he recorded a ransom demand. >> we have your children and we want $5 million. we will be in touch. >> woods revealed he bank rolled
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the operation with his trucking business. he bought three transport vans along with the moving van that was buried. he bought an x-ray machine to check the money once it was delivered to check for exploding dye packs and hired a man to store the money. >> the planning, the obtaining of materials the burying of the sand. it going on and on. this is the crime of the century. >> another major stumbling block was porn found on his cell on three occasions. 200 pictures some of naked children. he was able to buy dozens of cars in prison. he married twice and second wife died in a car crash. his partner was released in february. >> dan: so strange. thank you, dan, very much. >> we want to take you live
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look. you can see the pavement is indicate wet out there. it's starting to come down. it's going to be getting a lot wetter overnight. >> this is just the beginning and nothing in fact -- but sandhya patel is in. >> if i could specify what this next storm is really going to be. it's going to be a soaker. that is the best way to really capture what it is going to feel like in the bay area. let's show you a live picture. show you what it looks like from the bay bridge, roof camera. you can see the traffic is getting heavy out there. it is wet. heaviest rain and winds are yet to come. check out live doppler 7-hd. second storm is on the way and moisture out ahead of the storm. most of the steady rain has been in the north bay but we're starting to see the moisture spreading across the east bay. right now between windsor and novato and vacaville, it's wet. novato down to street level.
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miller creek road we're seeing rain. san rafael lashing larkspur area getting wednesday. grizzly peak boulevard, heading toward orinda it is well right now. it is going to be slow going on the roadways. from the peninsula we are seeing very spotty showers toward the south bay and santa cruz mountains. check out the wind gusts. sfo gusting to 35 miles an hour. arrival delays at sfo almost three hours due to the weather. southerly winds gusting to 32. novato is gusting to 30. higher elevations over 50 mile-an-hour wind gusts. heavy rain and strong winds for the morning. rain will continue on saturday. it's going to be stormy on sunday with the flooding potential. very large circulation. this is our next storm. it is tapping into moisture that stretches way out over the pacific. the subtropical moisture tap will add to the rainfall
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intensity. let's talk about this computer animation, 7:00 p.m., in the north bay. as we head into 4:00 a.m. some of you heading out the door for the morning commute, heavy rain is in the north bay. watch what happens at 6:00 a.m., it barely moves. widespread heavy rain, could see strong gusty winds well in advance. thunderstorm potential, east bay south bay and santa cruz getting slammed. at 10:00 a.m. still focused in the general behind the front. at noontime the rain will let up and wind let up, as well. the rain continues but not to expected to be intense until sunday morning. we'll keep it going for friday and saturday. at 8:00 a.m. on sunday, widespread heavy rain and wind once again could see some thunder. 9:00 a.m. sunday, still slow going. when all is said and done
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rainfall totals will be significant. we're talking you up to 12 inches. that is up to a foot in the north bay mountains, up to half a foot in santa cruz mountains. four to eight inches in the north bay. and a half to 5 inches in east bay. wind advisories up to 70 miles an hour expected with downed trees and power lines. wind advisories for the coast until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. other areas until 11:00 a.m. we are talking about flash flood watch that will begin shortly and see the smaller streams and creeks overflowing their banks. high surf advisory so now runs until 4:00 a.m. on saturday. waves will be picking up. morning lows in the 50s. it's going to be storm any so give himself plenty of time for the commute. grab your rain gear. afternoon highs will be 50s and 60s. stormiest weather, east bay and south bay. sunday morning turns stormy, a
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break, tuesday and wednesday, rain returns to the bay area but the system for next week not nearly as intense as what we're going to have over the next several days. >> dan: mom and pops strike back. >> new
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>> dan: record cyber monday took a big chunk out of the bottom line of for local store owners. >> a phone app is helping them fight back. real winner could be you. >> reporter: it's local store north koreans singing the blues this season. it's watching shoppers walk out the door. >> coming to a store and using it to touch and feel and then buy online, it's hurting businesses very blade. >> so he created a free smart phone app. >> and elfante is is a social app like you follow your friends
6:27 pm
he hopes you will follow your local stores and save money in the process. >> you can check in. >> every store has to offer a 2% to users. they get to list products so users can search for them as if shopping online. >> local merchants have trouble competing with big online warehouses. they are more than happy to offer a discount to be part of it, because half the battle is to realize they are here. >> they are people walking by that don't know what we have. >> the owner of this store sells everything from tooth baste to brand name cosmetics. even this big art gallery could use discovery. >> we find a local business person, i didn't even know you were here. >> they got an endorsement from
6:28 pm
a local senator. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, "abc 7 news". still to come at 6:00, it's the call they dread today hear. >> i feel bad for company here, my job, my home. >> north bay oyster farm is ordered to close. devastating news for local workers but a victory for environmentalists. >> and hear the vote to recognize a palestinian state but what does it really mean. we'll have the alex smith story, he talks about his
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the fate of a controversial north bay oyster farm has been decided. the secretary of interior that drakes bay oyster company will no longer operate. it's a victory for environmentalists that fought it for years. >> at 9:45 this morning he
6:32 pm
refused a phone call that would change his life. it was secretary of the interior ken salazar. >> my daughter was standing on one side of me. my son was standing on the other they were in tears before the end of the phone call by looking at my face. they knew what i was hearing. >> the secretary decided effective tomorrow the drake's bay oyster company would no longer operate. vergeists argued that location was designated a wilderness area when the land was transferred to the federal government in the 1960s. the lease expires tomorrow. >> congress back then intended for drake's estero to become wilderness. today he has made it clear he is going to honor that intent. >> today he said it's one of our
6:33 pm
crown jewels. we are fulfilling the vision to protect this place for generations to come. he has worked here for 30 years. he'll be unemployed after tomorrow. >> i feel bad for the company here, my job and my home. >> it will have an impact on the market. according to the farm it produces nearly 40% of california's oyster harvest. but aim any of the west environmental action agency, that humboldt bay has been expanding operations to fill the void. other groups have promised to help find jobs for the workers of the farm. the future is uncertain. >> it started with native americans and became a commercial operation almost a hundred years ago. it's not really about one family. >> just 33 days left until the
6:34 pm
so-called fiscal cliff is reached, in washington, d.c. treasury-secretary timothy geithner is trying to get both sides to agree. republicans complain that democrats are basking in their win. >> the country doesn't need a victory lap, it needs leadership. it's time for the president and congressional democrats to tell the american people what spending cuts they are willing to make. >> nancy pelosi seen here with mexico's president-elect called out on the speaker. >> they passed a bill to extend middle income tax cuts. democrats stand ready to support it. president stands ready to sign it. why? why are you holding this up. >> president obama told boehner there is no deal unless to keep the tax rates go up for those earning more $250,000.
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>> 138 nations voted to granted the palestinian authority status as a non-member observer state. israel and united states voted against the controversial measure which could make it easier for the palestinian authority to pursue israel in international courts. palestinian president mahmoud abbas called it a last chance for a peaceful two state settlement. >> just ahead, a bay area's woman battle against cancer. >> how social media is bringing
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traditional fund-raising usually involves something like a bake sale or auction. >> social media opened a new arena. >> it is called cloud funding and michael finney is here tonight, apparently it works. >> it really does. it is a game changer. i reported earlier about a local elementary school where they were able to raise cash by using a cloud funding site. thousands of folks are raising money from everything from making movies to paying medical bills. for one san francisco woman who
6:39 pm
is fighting cancer, it has done more. it has brought hope. michelle mingle west side the horses that roam free on this sonoma county farm. she doesn't want to ride, just to walk among them. the farm is run by the flag foundation which connects humans with horses for therapy. it has provided michelle new strength and her grueling fight against stage four colon cancer. michelle is looking for something, too. >> when you are here, you are transported. there is no disease. there is no unhappiness. >> she has chemotherapy but she is also trying this therapy, nutritional supplements. it doesn't cover those treatments by her insurance but this did.
6:40 pm
they started a campaign on the cloud funding campaign. michelle is a miracle, raised $20,000 in a couple of weeks. much of it came from folks she doesn't know. as her friends reached out to their friends on facebook and the circle kept growing. >> never think a click of a button would do this. really every single dollar that has been contributed, it's like someone's heart saying, i want you to be healed. >> cloud funding is growing field. they can range money everything from buying school supplies to rebuilding a neighborhood after a hurricane. an eight-year-old marin girl raised $55,000 to fight slavery of little girls overseas. this little boy with a lung disease raised $19,000 to buy games for children at a massachusetts hospital. last month i reported about sunny side elementary school
6:41 pm
which has raised $39,000 so far to make up a $40,000 budgeted shortfall and avoid losing a classroom teacher. >> we've been doing great. >> we didn't expect to get this. >> the school used a different fund-raising platform called go fund me. there are other sites, too. they help artists and en convenienters. indigo is a site for global fund-raising. >> goes straight to the need. i can get a playground built. >> david boyce is ceo. michelle inspired donors to help save her life. >> it's like a gift. it's indescribable in words. >> as mcgregor the horse accepts for his mate, she is an inspiration, too. >> you can set up your own
6:42 pm
campaign for free but that is just setting it up. the websites take 5% of the donations. i posted links to the sites i mentioned. you can find them at >> as we continue working to save a national treasure. >> you are the effort to restore th
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scientist in the central valley is working to restore the san joaquin river. >> mark matthews went along to witness the historic milestone. >> reporter: i know you have reported it on the past. hundreds of thousands of salmon swam in the ocean and up the river to spawn north of fresno. however, for the past 60 years the stretch of river from near merced to the dam up in fresno
6:46 pm
it's been impossible. not a single salmon could make the trip until now. >> scientists w are on a rescue mission. they are trapping chinook salmon near mercet in an effort to restore these fish to a river that is being brought back to life. >> this is an important milestone in the san joaquin restoration program. >> executive director of the program explains this is part of a decades' long effort to restore the san joaquin river which used to be home waters for chinook salmon. they say the spring is a mondays runs. >> you could run across their backs and not touch the water. >> this is that part of the san joaquin now. it's dried up and been like this for most of the past 60 years. ever since the dam was built in the 1940s and to divert the river water into channels to
6:47 pm
irrigate central valley farms. the fish weren't that big consideration. but in 1988 the salmon caught a break. they led a coalition of environmentalists and fishermen in a lawsuit against the government run dam and the water district and in 2006, they reached a settlement. now the first salmon are being trucked around the obstacles 160 miles upstream to be reintroduced into the river below the dam. because by next spring, scientists believe the last of the details will be sorted out. >> when we have these in place, we'll have the river all year round. that is really xiegt. >> california first fish and game they hope they will spawn and produce offspring. they are scooping eggs from some of the females and artificially spawning them. the young will be raised in
6:48 pm
protected pens and released. >> and hopefully get out to the ocean and spawn in approximately three years. >> by the then the river should be restored from fresno to san francisco bay. safe to say that people that relied on water to irrigate their crops are not happy about the fish. walt has heard plenty. >> they are saying going back to san francisco. i'm a farmer born and raised in the valley. >> he believes it will recharge the underground aquifer. >> there is ocean farmers and land farmers. there is enough water for everybody but not enough for everybody's greed. that is the problem, greed. >> that is what we're seeing on the san joaquin river but as the long battle comes to an end, another war heating up. this to build a delta tunnel to send water south.
6:49 pm
>> thank you. >> let's talk about the storm system that is coming in pretty quickly here. >> sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> we're seeing moisture ahead of the storm. we have our own radar on mount st. helena. it is wet around windsor and santa rosa. moderate rainfall around fairfield. hill are born road and in the east bay, it's pretty spotty and very light. it's only going to get heavier especially around the north bay. we are concerned about the russian river near hopland, flood stage is 21 feet. it's over two feet and expected to actually crest as we head into sunday afternoon evening, up to 25 feet which puts it above flood stage. russian river at guerneville close to 7 feet. it's going to get close as we hit the weekend and into early next week. 29 feet. we'll be keeping an eye on those
6:50 pm
rivers. winter storm warning, friday above 7500 feet, two to three feet above 8500 feet. carry your chains if you are traveling there. wet, windy for the morning commute tomorrow. another nasty storm hits sunday morning is the worst of it. we dry out monday and more rain chances on tuesday and wednesday. >> larry is here now. >> alex smith we'll hear from. >> colin kaepernick, he feels like there is something special with the 49ers team going on. imagine how it feels
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6:53 pm
good evening, colin kaepernick will start on sunday, alex smith is not happy. he spoke about being replaced even though he leads the league completing 70% of his passes. he has been a good soldier with the niners.
6:54 pm
after leading them to championship game, tender moment there. he will be watching kaepernick run the show and it's clearly frustrating. >> sacrifice and invest so much time and like i said, and get a concussion. you state your case and i feel like i have done that. >> raiders 13 straight televised home games will end on sunday, no the enough tickets are sold so the game will be blacked out and not on tv locally. mcclain is still in limbo. the expectation is that he will be cut. he is claiming the raiders had waived him and in his words, joining a real team.
6:55 pm
the coach dennis allen spoke about his situation. >> did not come to practice today. there is going to be consequences to his actions. its team related issue and i don't want to get into the details of it. we asked him not to come to practice today. >> stanford beat ucla saturday night at rose bowl. their reward is facing the same ucla team. at stake is a trip to the rose bowl on january 1st. to say this is unusual is a mild understatement. steffan taylor ran wild. he had a couple touchdowns. the challenge for the coaches is to make sure that your guys do not go in overconfident while wondering, bruins held anything back last week. >> and coaches just to make sure that our guys put the last game behind them and we prepare for a new opponent.
6:56 pm
there are things we didn't do well that we want to do better. there are things we did well and that we want to do better. expect it rainy for tomorrow night's game. we don't have live doppler 7 in the sports department. [ laughter ] >> peyton manning will bring the broncos one week from today for raiders fans. >> there is a famous black hole gor on rely la. we will post your photos at and show some of them on the air. >> during our special edition at 4:00 next thursday, then you can watch at 5:00 the raiders play the denver broncos.
6:57 pm
j if you didn't want the massive powerball jackpot. >> then at 11:00, the company >> then at 11:00, the company making many a drugs
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this is "jeopardy!"
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introducing today's contestants -- an information-technology consultant from sagamore hills, ohio... a medical writer from charlestown, massachusetts... and our returning champion, a medical student from plano, texas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our show. we've been on a great roll in tt few weeks. we've had a series of young, very bright champions. case in point -- our current champion, jason, who's just 25. and cara and scott look very young, also. of course, from where i stand, everybody looks young. [ laughter ]

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